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Short and Mid-term objectives


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To safeguard the lives of residents of senior care facilities in Europe, preserving their quality of life.

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а при пенсии 155 евро, департамент доплатит 795-155=640 евро/месяц

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SAFE Consortium is a group of companies and organizations with the objective of participating in a common activity, pooling their resources for achieving a common goal: to safeguard the lives of residents of senior care facilities, preserving their quality of life

3.7M Europeans living in senior care facilities represent only 0.5% of the total European population, approx. 40% of all coronavirus related deaths in Europe took place there.

A number of interested European parties,  from 5 EU countries have started a process of forming a consortium promoting modern and virus-safe technologies for senior care facilities across Europe. 

Senior Care Providers support

Technological solutions scaling-up


A new Party enters the Consortium, subject to getting the recommendations of 2 members of the Steering Committee, upon signature of the Accession of a new Party to “SAFE Consortium” Document  by the new Party and by the coordinator and these two recommending parties. Such accession shall have effect from the date identified in the Accession of a new Party to “SAFE Consortium” Document


  • Open-collaboration.
  • Win-win,
  • Efficiency



  • Quick response
  • Transparency within the frame of this Consortium Agreement
  • Protection of the quality of life and well-being of seniors living in nursing homes/care facilities
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